One of Sterling’s key business drivers is being easy to do business with and that is no different for our Sterling Environmental Solutions effluent treatment offering. We recognise what makes our customers lives easier and we pride ourselves on delivering our services in line with these factors. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Capability – Sterling Environmental Solutions can deal with a wide range of waste-waters, including both flammable and hazardous.
  • Distance – It is good practice to minimise road miles when transporting waste and Sterling has a great central location in the North-East.
  • COD capacity – Up to 20 tonnes per day.
  • Fair price – We are extremely competitive in the low to mid COD range.
  • Turnaround speed – Tankers can be off site in as little as 40 minutes. We can also test new wastes and accept within 2 hours, even testing from the tanker if needed.
  • Volume capacity – 30 tankers per day capacity and 2000 tonnes of storage tank capacity.
  • Technical knowledge – Highly qualified and experienced staff.
  • Level of service – We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs, meaning we work to your timeframe.
  • Hospitality for drivers – We always ensure the key workers of the waste industry get well looked after and have access to good welfare facilities.

Each customer has different priorities and at Sterling we’re committed to ensuring all of these are met.

We’re confident your experience with us will be a positive one. But if you have any feedback to help us improve our levels of service, please get in touch.