First class waste disposal services in the heart of the North-East.

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At Sterling we’ve been treating aqueous waste for over 25 years and have developed a biomass that can treat many organic species. In addition to treating our own waste produced by our pharmaceutical development and manufacturing facility, we also offer our waste-water treatment capabilities as a stand-alone service for external companies.

Our fully licensed industrial waste-water treatment centre in Cramlington is supported by dedicated engineering and operating staff, as well as an on-site testing laboratory to determine waste suitability quickly and efficiently. As a result, the facility is capable of treating and destroying a wide range of aqueous wastes in advanced biological reactors.

Our BOC developed Vitox system allows us to treat the maximum amount of aqueous-based waste in the smallest volumes as it supports a greater density of biomass due to the use of pure oxygen, which is injected into the reactors.

We are also currently designing an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant that will convert the organic elements of waste into methane gas. This gas can then be injected into the gas network providing a renewable energy source from waste material, as well as further reducing the environmental impact of our operations.



“Sterling is very competitive on price we would love to be able to send more waste as we have a massive client contract that is 10 minutes from their site.”

“Working with Sterling is very smooth as a process. I can’t think of any issues or holdups that we have had. It just works. We may have been asked to delay a week from our ideal date, but it’s never been rejected.”

“Sterling’s strengths are tanker turnaround time and ease of access – these are key for a tanker firm like us. We would have no hesitation in bringing more waste to Sterling if it were suitable and made economic sense.”

“Acceptability is the primary consideration then it is price. In general Sterling are very good. I think they are the leaders in terms of the turnaround times, and they are always competitively priced. They are very flexible.”