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The Sterling Environmental Solutions plant at Dudley has been responsibly dealing with industrial waste-water since 1991, with no downtime. The 2,500 tonne advanced biological reactors have a very active and diverse microbial population allowing digestion of up to 20 tonnes of COD per day. The combination of pure oxygen injection, supplemented with compressed air and high reaction temperatures give an unrivalled digestion performance, far exceeding conventional biological systems. The plant is staffed by an experienced team who are fully qualified to manage and operate the waste transfer and disposal site.

The treatment process is simple. Organic components in the waste are digested by the “bugs”. When the bugs eat, they respire and consume oxygen.

There are certain things the bugs do not like and these are carefully managed by the team to ensure efficient operations, these include:

  • too hot (too much COD)
  • too cold (not enough COD)
  • too hungry (need nutrient)
  • too crowded (sludge pressing)
  • acid indigestion (extreme pH)
  • food poisoning (toxic material)
  • sleepy (inhibitory material)

The key objective of our staff is to nurture their trillion -strong bug workforce. The “bugs are king” according to Craig Goodman, our plant manager, and everything we do is to ensure they are able to treat your waste effectively to the benefit of the environment.

The bugs manage to completely digest the waste-water in an incredibly efficient way – they don’t need electricity or gas, just the energy from the waste itself powers the process. Whilst the biomass waste from our plant is sustainably managed with disposal via green energy routes rather than to landfill.